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Water is everywhere but non for drinking. The importance of water cannot be over-emphasized. Both human beings, plants, and animals need water for survival. For plants to grow, bear fruits, and yield increase, water is needed in fact, it is the most important factor to consider. Animals also need water for their growth and survival. Human beings need water to carry out various activities like cooking, washing, cleaning, drinking, farming, and other human activities like industrial uses, etc.

DAUGHTERS OF ZION AND WOMEN OF FAITH INITIATIVE has identified water scarcity as one of the problems that people of KAPUA a suburb in Lugbe in FCT- Abuja are facing. People living in Kapua lack clean/ drinkable water. After identifying this urgent need of the people in this locality, Daughters of Zion and Women of Faith initiative took it upon herself to make sure that the problem of the people in this community is ameliorated. Women and children in this locality suffer a lot while searching for water. Some water vendors occasionally hawk water around the neighborhood but the hygienic condition of such water is questionable ranging from dirty water kegs, dirty environment where the water was gotten from, and the dirtiness of the hawkers too.

Hence, after seeing the suffering of these women, and our young girls who were sometimes raped and some being kidnapped while in search of portable water, Daughters of Zion and Women of Faith Initiative took it upon herself to DRILL BOREHOLE for the people of the KAPUA community. Drilling this borehole cost the members a fortune but it was a task that must be done. Since Daughters of Zion and Women of Faith Initiative is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit making, and non-faith base Organization the members levied themselves to make sure that this dream come true today. There are other localities in Lugbe that are also facing the same water problem places like TUDUN WADA, LUGBE VILLAGE ACROSS to mention but a few. Therefore, as the people in this locality are smiling as they are fetching this water today, we want you to partner with us in order to make a more positive impact in rural areas like this.

We are therefore calling on spirited Nigerians, corporate bodies, other NGOs, religious bodies, International Organizations, and the general public to partner with Daughters of Zion and Women of Faith Initiative to put more smiles on the face of the poor and the vulnerable in our midst. To partner please call the following number


A special note of thanks:

It is with great honor that we(DZWFI) say thank you TO ALL our VOLUNTEERS, DONORS, and MEMBERS who have selflessly taken out time out of their schedule to be part of this great cause working towards helping and creating awareness in the society and create a community filled with love, and you’re also welcome to join our team of volunteers by clicking here in helping to positively impact the society. THANKS, AND REMAIN BLESSED.

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Through clean water, children smile again with a restoration of hope and faith in the future.

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